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Top Eleven The Transfers Guide

There are different ways in TOP ELEVEN to recruit a new player.

The Auctions tab:


Here you have a list of players who are put on the market by other players. You can see here several data, the age of the player, his quality (number of stars), if he has a specific technique, his position, his salary and finally the time remaining before the end of the auction. You can save a player by clicking on it and then clicking on the small “+” next to its name, as it will appear at the top of the list and you will not have to search it again. An alert will sound 2minutes before the end of the auction.

Read very carefully the next part, it will allow you to save well your tokens:

To bid on a player, click on his name then on “offer 1T”. In the first round before the end of the allotted time, invest only one token that will qualify you for the next round even if other players come to bid !!! And it will be for all other rounds, only one token per turn is enough to stay in the race to buy.

Then, the turns go faster and faster in the delay, so it is necessary to bid faster and faster. One method that works very well is to bid just before the end of time in the last 2 seconds. This makes it possible to make a hold-up sometimes, the others or the last competitors who stays against you does not expect you to bid and paf, you coiffe in the last second.

TIP: Bet all the time at 1-2sec from the end of time. (But beware of the possible disconnection during the game, the network can be fluctuating in you and you can lose your bid, it has already happened to me). If you see that from the first round, too many people have already bet on the player, give up, the competition is likely to be long and costly. Privilege offers or only 2-3 see sometimes 0 people are on. Sometimes people are not on it and dasn the last second, you and 9 guys are going to bid, at that moment you either take off and go elsewhere, or you try everything for the whole and decide to keep fighting for ‘to have. Guards always keep an eye on your token account. Sometimes it is better to bet his 15 tokens on a guy rather than let go at the end of 7-8 while without knowing the other just bet his last and he is in position to win. But sometimes we’re lucky, especially early in the morning, you can be the only one on a player and win the bid with just one token wagered.

Attention, at the beginning of the season, all the players are prized, the auctions are numerous, everyone seeking to increase the quality of his team. It calms down after the 5th day usually.

The Negotiation tab (available level 4)


Here, it feels like other guys from TOP ELEVEN, you can do a bargain by clicking on a guy and then “make an offer”. You can then bet sub or sub + tokens. The guy opposite can either accept the offer, refuse it or set a sale price. A response time is then triggered. If at the end of the deadline, the guy has not replied, the offer is considered rejected. When you make an offer, it costs you Tokens of investment that are paid to TOP ELEVEN. If the offer is not accepted, they will be returned to you. It is necessary to always have some token to make an offer, even if we offer only money to the player’s possessor (those are the investment tokens for TOP ELEVEN).Try to save your top eleven free tokens because you will need them later.

The Recruiter tab:


Here, players are much stronger than what is offered in auctions or negotiations. They are all equipped with specific abilities and the age is +/- advanced according to the list. The list is updated 3-4 times per season but not in full. The advantage is that there is no competition with the purchase of one of these players, the price is quaiement the same as for a player to the auction, but the disadvantage is that it Is necessary to disburse 50Tokens for a single player. So it is not a bad investment because it has a very high quality, will be able to resell before its retirement (towards 32-34 years) but it is necessary to have 50Tokens nevertheless …. After it will be stronger therefore weighs well the For and against. No backtracking possible once the tokens are spent.


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A little about Simcity Buildit

SimCity BuildIt is a city simulation game that lets you become a mayor and build and manage your very own city. Grow an expansive city and add services like power, electricity, education and entertainment. Craft and trade goods and supply with your friends and other cities on the Global Market. Complete and achieve challenges to specialize your city. You can even unleash natural or not so natural disasters as you play.
SimCity BuiltIt uses SimCash and Simoleons as its game’s currency. Simoleons are the everyday currency and used for purchasing different types of buildings and upgrading roads.  SimCash is a more premium currency that you can use to speed things up in game. You can also convert your SimCash into Simoleons in the store.
To get access to premium buildings, you need to have Golden Keys. You can earn Golden Keys by completing Shipments or Disaster Challenges. You will need Golden Keys to purchase City Specialization buildings.
This realistic city builder game features stunning 3D graphics, iconic landmarks, fun-filled casinos, busy streets and citizens that will tell you what you need in order to grow a unique city. Expand your city to increase your population and make people flock to your town. Solve real life city problems like fire, pollution and traffic, and add city services to keep your citizens happy and your town thriving. Explore and view your 3D city from all angles with its 360 degrees controls. Watch your city come to life as you play SimCity BuildIt.
One of the game’s awesome features is that it is playable offline. It is best enjoyed in online but you can keep playing it in offline mode. While some of the features are disabled like its social features including unable to visit your friend’s cities in offline mode, you can however manage your city.